We decided it was about time to reinstate the Yarn Forward Magazine blog.  There is a lot of playing behind the scenes going on at the moment, so bear with us – the website will be filling up quickly over the next few weeks as we get ready for the release of our Winter 07 / 08 issue.

You’ll notice that our Stockists Page is filling up nicely with all the yarn shops that are now stocking the magazine.  We really appreciate the support of local yarn shops and as such are announcing a new grass roots marketing campaign. 

We are offering a free years subscription to anyone who is able to get their local yarn store to stock the magazine.  Full details can be found on this page together with a one page flyer that can be printed off and taken into the yarn shop.  We are able to send out sample copies free of charge to yarn shops that are interested in stocking the magazine, just email us with the yarn shop’s contact details.

We’re pretty excited about the way this is going to work – its great to know that we have so many supporters out there who are keen to help us spread the word about the magazine.  If you are able to help in any other way (giving out flyers etc) again, please email us for details. 


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