Internship opportunity


We are looking for an intern to come and work with us at Yarn Forward Magazine. This is a really exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and energetic person to come and work with us for a fixed period of either six or twelve months.

Wikipedia defines an internship as “a work related learning experience for an individual who wishes to develop hands on work experience in a certain field. Interns are usually college or university students but they can also be adults seeking skills for a new career”

Diversity is important to us and we will consider all applicants regardless of gender or race. We are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person who is happy to take on a wide range of tasks and is ready to pitch in and help with what needs to be done.

The majority of the intern’s work will be done from their own home location and as such all applicants must have access to a PC and internet connection, the Yarn Forward Magazine team is made up of a small group of people who communicate mostly by email and also by telephone. It would probably be beneficial for the intern to live in the south of England (perhaps within 2 hours commute of London) as this allow them the opportunity to join up with us 4 or 5 times a year for photo shoots, team meetings etc. However this is not a pre-requisite and we will consider applications from people living in other areas of the UK if you are interested.

This is not a full time position. We are looking for someone who is able to commit anything from 2 – 8 hours a week. This can be evenings, daytimes or weekends. A large degree of flexibility is required both with regard to the hours that are put in and also to the workload that you will take on.

It is also important to note that at this stage we are not offering a paid position. You will, however, gain a wide range of skills, your workload will be carefully managed at all times and we are offering you the chance to gain some valuable work experience in the field of self publishing a magazine. You will have the chance to get involved with all areas of the magazine including (but not limited to) copy editing, soliciting materials, designing garments, web design, arranging photoshoots and styling, page layout and art design, selling advetising space, liasing with printers, selling the magazine to subscribers, the general public and shops. We are able to offer some travel expenses if you want to join us for our face to face meetings and photoshoots etc HOWEVER these this may not cover your actual travel expenses and we are unable to compensate you for your time in attending these meetings.   Expenses will also be paid for any costs incurred whilst working for us, phone calls etc.

We are looking for someone to start in February 2008, at this point we will be in the middle of arranging styling, photoshoots and page design for the spring 08 issue and planning both Summer and Autumn 08.

The closing date for applications for this internship is Friday 18th January 2008. All applications will be acknowledged but unsuccessful candidates will not be notified. The successful applicant will hear from us by Wednesday 23rd January 2008. To apply for this role please email with a copy of your CV (resume) details of any relevant work experience that you have undertaken and some information about yourself, why you are looking to apply for the role etc. If you have any questions about your application do email us before you send it in, we’ll be happy to help. We regret that we are unable to consider international applicants for this role.


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