Designing for Yarn Forward Magazine.


Want to contribute a design to Yarn Forward magazine? Then read on to find out about our exciting new way of working with designers and details of our terms which are specifically aimed at protecting designers rights and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.

As designers themselves, Kerrie and Lou realise that the effort put in to sketch, swatch, design, knit, block, write the pattern in multiple sizes and then post out the finished product is rarely reflected in the fee paid to designers.

In addition to the payment terms offered by publishers, there is also the question of rights to your design. Some publishing companies ask you to sign over the original copyright of your design to them. Some publishing companies may also use your design again in other formats with out any recompense to you. Again, this doesn’t seem fair to us.
As publishers, Kerrie and Lou are determined to be different. Here are some of the ways that we plan to make Yarn Forward magazine the premier magazine with regard to designer relations:

  • You as a designer will retain full copyright to your design, we only ask for publication rights. There is a period of sole publication rights written into our standard contract, after this time both the designer and the publisher can publish the pattern in whichever way they see fit.
  • If we choose to sell your pattern online, you will receive a 10% royalty payment that will be calculated yearly at the end of the UK tax year. Also when we do sell a pattern online, you may chose for us to include a link to your own website from the pattern page so that people have the choice of purchasing further patterns directly from you.
  • If we decide to use your design again whether in a future issue, yearly compendium or other format you will receive a payment of 50% of your original fee for each time that the design is used.

Kerrie and Lou are determined to work closely with the best knit designers and yarn companies, both established and up and coming, to ensure that Yarn Forward Magazine publishes high quality designs that have been commissioned with the designer in mind. For further details please email


One Response to “Designing for Yarn Forward Magazine.”

  1. jammam Says:

    Thank you for your clarity and even handed approach.

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