Issue 4, a little story


Issue 4 has now been posted out to subscribers, shops and pre orders (in that order) and will be on general sale from next week. The wait is over, and we hope you’ll agree it was worth it. 

I was really nervous on first opening the boxes and looking through this issue for a very good reason. Only days after Lou and I had agreed to become partners in the magazine, and what felt like minutes before Christmas (but was actually 23rd December) I rang Lou and not very calmly explained that Issue 4 (which should have been completed and at the printers according to our schedule) had suffered a major technological failure and was actually nothing but a sheet of blank paper. No images, no edited patterns, no nothing! 

To her credit she didn’t panic (I was doing enough of that I think!). The two of us met up a couple of days after boxing day and re-took all of the photos for the magazine. (We even modelled in a few of them, eek!) Lou and I then set about laying out the issue from scratch using issue 3 as a guide and spent most of the time between Christmas and New year reediting all of the text and designing all of the pages, drawing on much appreciated knowledge of friends who were paid in mince pies and Christmas cake. Amazingly, it hit the printer’s doorstep just after the New Year. 

A 92-page magazine from start to finish in less than 2 weeks with 99% of the production work being done by Lou and I! Wow! We can’t believe we did it. So if there is the odd mistake, or out of focus image, we hope you can forgive us. We can now draw on each other’s expertise and this experience to ensure that all further issues, will be bigger, better and more beautiful.

12 Responses to “Issue 4, a little story”

  1. jam_mam Says:

    Looking forward to it :o) off to check the sub renewal.

  2. Pam Says:

    Hi you mentioned on Sept 7th that with issue 4 there would be a little gift for subscibers as a thankyou

  3. hipknitskerrie Says:

    Hi Pam – yes. All subscribers should have received a letter in with their copy of issue 4 with details of the special offer we put together for them. Email us if you didnt receive one or if you would like more information.

  4. Pam Says:

    No I’ve not received anything. Looking forward to seeing what the gift with issue 4 is going to be.

  5. Mel (Yogicknitter) Says:

    OMG you have really been through it. Now I understand the post on the hipknits site on your review of the year. Well done for pulling it all together. Really looking forward to see how the whole thing turned out. Do you get to have a bit of a rest now?

  6. YarnAddict Says:

    Wow, how fantastic of you to put it all together that quickly. I’m impressed.

  7. Spinning Fishwife Says:

    Well, mine just arrived and though I’ve only had the briefest of flick-thoughs, I do think it looks like the best yet.

  8. skeinqueen Says:

    Congratulations for getting issue 4 out! I know you’ve been through it and was thinking of you over Christmas (not exactly practical help) – well done to you and Lou! Can’t wait to get my copy and see it in its full glory.

  9. charlietheherb Says:

    It’s fab, well done Kerry, Lou and team 🙂

  10. michaela Says:

    Issue 4 is great – it’s getting better every issue! And the new models are beautiful!

  11. Anne P Says:

    Wow! It all makes sense now – yes I’d spotted a number of errors (I did quite like the kisses in your intro letter :-)) – but all that – in 2 weeks! Again, WOW!!

  12. Anne Says:

    Wow…. but this is one great magazine. the best one yet. thank you

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