The full errata for all the issues will be up on the website this week.  For now, these are the errors that have been spotted so far in the current issue

Patty pattern is missing the yarn information, it should read :

MATERIALSBFL Aran, [100% wool; 165m per 100g skein]; Colour by Fyberspates: Deep cherry. 750 (800, 860, 1000, 1070, 1150, 1270)meters / 830 (890, 995, 1100, 1200, 1270, 1420) yards. We spelled Diane’s name wrong on her cloche pattern!  The correct spelling should be Diane Mulholland.  Sorry Diane.

We missed Sarah Tavner’s name off her article about the angora bunnies completely 😦

Tthe kisses in the editors letter shouldn’t still be there.  doh!

I’m sure that there will be more, we had 2 copy editors / proof readers for this issue and 4 for all future ones.  Do you think we’ll ever print a perfect magazine?  Watch this space…


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