The mist of work is clearing…


…and now I can take the time to introduce myself you to all properly.

I’m Lou (the middle one on the front cover) and I’ve been working in publishing for over 9 years. I worked on Simply Knitting magazine from it’s conception, through the launch and right up until September last year (all in all 35 issues). Before that I worked on many magazines that were the leaders in their subject matter (Official PlayStation 2, DVD Review, Arcade – to name just three).

After a pretty harrowing 2007 I decided to give up work, spend more time at home with the children and concentrate on designing knitwear for magazines and books. I already have designs in Weekend Knitting (Complete Knitting in the US) and have a new book (Knitted Sock Sensations) where I contributed 50% of the designs, coming out in April this year.

For some reason I can’t do the ‘lady of leisure’ thing. There’s only so much daytime TV I can stomach, even if my hands are occupied with a lace shawl (which I need to finish by the end of Feb – oh pants!). Also I was getting fed up with housework, what’s the point of making the place look lovely, only for the squidletts to mess it up when they get home from school?

So just as I was preparing to settle down for a nice quiet Christmas on the 20th December, out of the blue I get an email from Kerrie asking me if i’d like to contribute designs, maybe come on board and do a few jobs or be a full on partner. Well the cogs started turning and I got back to her and said I’ll mull it over and let her know in the New Year.

I’d always admired Kerrie: growing family, Magknits and buying Hip Knits all while holding down a full-time job. And then she launches her own magazine. From her own admission she knew very little about magazine publishing, but how she managed to get 3 fantastic issues written, designed and printed was astounding. I was used the to backing of a large publishing company with people dedicated to sorting out printers, someone else to sort out buying the paper to have the magazine printed on, a whole division devoted to stuffing magazines in bags and posting them out, a team of publishers and senior editorial types to network, plus a team of 5 people on the actual magzine to ensure that the mag hits its deadline. And here was Kerrie, a virtual one-man-band having to do all that and learning as she went, while still doing all the things she originally did!

So to be honest, it only took me until the evening of the 20th to decide that I wanted to come on board. I wanted to work with someone with that drive and enthusiasm. Then on the 23rd December I got the call from Kerrie that you all read about in her eariler post. And it was all hands to the pumps (all four of them) to get the issue to the printers by 3rd Jan. As we were sending pages, I knew that I hadn’t read them properly and they could have done with another proof, and the odd image was a bit blurred, such was the rush that we had to take them in. I’m a perfectionist and it made my tummy go wobbly worrying that it wasn’t the best it could be. But there was no more time (as it was we were putting in 15-hour days) and we had to get it to the printers or we’d lose our slot and you’d all still all be waiting for the magazine.

So I have to say that I’m damn proud of us and what we managed to achieve, and trust me when I say Mrs Perfectionist will be back for the Spring issue, and oooh it’s looking good. As, I have to say, is the summer issue. We’ve got some fab treats in store for you!

Take care and happy knitting




4 Responses to “The mist of work is clearing…”

  1. skeinqueen Says:

    Hi Lou,

    You really got chucked in at the deep end, didn’t you! Here’s to a great 2008 for YF!


  2. Rachel Says:

    I hope you have a fabulous time working with Kerrie on this magazine, it’s my favourite and I _love_ it when it arrives on my mat. It’s the light of my week. Best of luck with the mag.

  3. Marianne Says:

    seems like Kerrie has found her fairy godmother!

  4. jam_mam Says:

    ‘if you want something doing ask a busy woman’, and they don’t get much busier than Kerrie! (that’s a compliment btw)

    nice to meet you :o)

    when it is perfect I wont be able to tell as I can’t spell for toffee, but you’ll know

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