yarn for resubscription gifts



Oh the yarn that we are giving away to those people who resubscribe is so lovely!  The colours are bright and vibrant and it works so well with pattern that we have prepared for it that I cannot wait to send the skeins out with the next lot of magazines mid April ish.

Cobweb weight cashmere and silk, 1000 yards per 50g skein.  Yum.


5 Responses to “yarn for resubscription gifts”

  1. jammam Says:

    that’s a very fine cobweb! Eeeeeck! The colours are wonderful, a really spectacular spectrum.

  2. Natalie Ford Says:

    Do new subscribers get this as well as re-subscribers?

  3. Fran Says:

    Mmmm that IS VERY YUMMY….I’m even more pleased I resubscribed now! When do we get it? Yumyumyummy! Thanks Kerrie. x Fran x

  4. Cath Thorley Says:

    The yarn is lovely, but where do I get the pattern that goes with it???


  5. Sue Krekorian Says:

    Will it be possible to purchase this yarn? I love the texture of it but the colour I received really wasn’t me, so I’ve gifted it to a pal whose colour it definitely is. She is thrilled – but although I’m glad I did this, I’m now feeling a bit bereft!

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