Buy Back Issues here


The Spring issue has started to arrive with our UK subscribers, hurray! It will be available at our stockists for general sale on Monday, but if you want to pre order one now you can go here


2 Responses to “Buy Back Issues here”

  1. drlaura a Says:

    hey there- spring issue is looking great!

    am in the US, where it’s “tax time”. as soon as my refund comes, I’d like
    to not only subscribe but get a copy of all the back issues from #1. so could i ask Jo to set them aside for me for 2 wks? thanks bunches!

    ps i had a design – “Inner Truth Scarf”- in MagKnits, so have written w/
    ok for you to use it again in Yarn Forward. Was originally pd in Kerrie’s lovely Aran Cashmere but this is the scarf that was lost in mail coming to UK and has never resurfaced. so more pay in yarn would be jolly!

    blessings, :L, Laura
    <a href=””CPYSocksandMore
    and SiriusKnitting

  2. Susan Says:

    The magazine arrived in Australia today (Tues 15th). Love the yarn! Haven’t read the mag yet, but it looks good.

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