Best photo forward


The patterns are written, the samples are in, and last weekend, we had the photo shoot for the summer issue. Marianne is our talented photographer (she’s the one with the camera, of course), and Barry (up there in the blue) is her lovely assistant – toting equipment and wrangling lights. To see what they’re snapping, follow the jump…

Here are Lou and Marianne preparing our model, Laura, for a shot. (Can you spot Marianne’s wet trousers? We didn’t pick the driest of days for outdoor work!) Anyone apart from Yogicknitter recognise the blue halter-top from an earlier post? How about the bundle of knits in Lou’s arms?

Kerrie helps Marianne to get a close-up of a shawl.

Lou models a stunning wedding shawl (you might recognise it from the preview page of the Spring issue) as Michaela and Shirley (our new ad sales person and Kerrie’s mum) look on.

Laura has a well-earned sit-down between poses while waiting for the rain to subside. Shirley very graciously turned her lovely home and garden into a photo studio for the day…

… and even more graciously, provided refreshments for the whole crew with the help of her husband Richard! Huge thanks to them for their generous help.

And after a day like that, most people felt like doing this – although not all of us would look so lovely crashed out on the floor!


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4 Responses to “Best photo forward”

  1. Marianne Says:

    you could have asked me to pull my belly in! What a lovely day we had, again….hope you like the photos!

  2. Mel (Yogicknitter) Says:

    So cool to see the halter neck on a body. I am looking forward to knitting one for myself – in a bigger size though. I really enjoyed knitting it up.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Looks like lots of fun :o)

  4. Marianne Says:

    thanks for cropping me belly orf, it looks much better now but i still think I need to diet! lol

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