The wonder of Wonderwool


YF stand at Wonderwool

A couple of weekends ago, Lou and Kerrie took Yarn Forward to the Wonderwool Festival. Doing the festivals is really important to us: it’s where we meet our readers, introduce ourselves to new people, and get acquainted with the designers, yarn companies and fibre-artists without whom there’d be nothing to knit, and no yarn to knit it with! But Wonderwool this year was particularly big, because we were bringing issue 5 and this was our first chance to show people a Yarn Forward magazine that was everything we thought it should be. Great patterns, quality design, intelligent and well-written articles from exciting contributors – everyone on the team knew we had a lot to be proud of.

And the result? We sold almost a hundred subscriptions, and 80 full sets of back issues. That’s a fantastic result, and we were really happy to have so many people saying hello and supporting for the magazine. If you’re out and about at the shows, please come over and introduce yourself – and get a good look at the gorgeous sample knits while you’re about it. (Apple Crush, my favourite from the Spring issue, looks even more appetising hanging there in the actual yarn!)

Of course, you don’t have to leave your computer to buy Yarn Forward – click here for subs and here to fill the gaps in your collection.   Don’t delay, the back issues are being snapped up fast!


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