Lovely post


I was in reception at our lovely offices trying to persuade Sarah on the reception desk that knitting was a cool trendy hobby to take up, we were leafing through one of the copies of the Spring magazine and I was explaining to her how relaxing knitting is and doing my best to convert her.  I think that Lou and I are a bit of a tourist attraction, in a nice office building where most of the other tenants are occupied by businessmen we are the only ones in jeans and hand knitted cardigans having deliveries of lovely squishy parcels.  You can see people looking at us curiously, especially on days when we are both in the office and we sit and knit in the coffee shop.  I think we’re going to have to start a knitting club there at some point.

Anyway, on this particular day while I was chatting in reception the postman arrived with the days post.  As he handed it over he made a comment about “one of the companies here being popular” and when Sarah and I looked at the letter it was for Lou and I!


How lovely!  It was addressed to “the brilliant girls at Yarn Forward Magazine”  That really made my day, I can tell you.  Our post tends to be pretty much cheques, garments and signed contracts so its usually quite good fun to open but this one is my all time favourite.


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