Exciting news


Some of you may have already heard the exciting news, Lou and I are sitting here frantically emailing, phoning and telling as many people as we can that from October Yarn Forward Magazine is going to be published 10 times a year AND be available on the shelves in places like Tescos, WH Smiths and other leading newsagents!

How excited are we?  Really excited, but also feeling slightly sick now that it is public knowledge.  It feels much more real today than it has done before and we are both thrilled and frightened at the same time.  An official press release is being distributed right now and as soon as we have it up on the website I’ll add a link to it..

We couldn’t have done it without the support of all our readers, subscribers, advertisers and stockists so this is a big thank you from Lou and I for giving us the opportunity to make Yarn Forward bigger and better than ever.  xx


One Response to “Exciting news”

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    […] that we had some wonderful things to bring to the show. There was the news about the magazine going 10 issues a year and being available in Tesco, WH Smith’s and Borders (amongst others) from October 6th. There […]

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