The Guardian


Have you seen the guardian newspaper today?  They have published a whole booklet of knitting patterns with lots of interesting information about knitting in their Saturday paper.  They anticipate selling between 300,000 and 600,000 copies of the paper today – that’s a whole lot of people learning more about knitting which can only be good, right?

You can read the article on line here but if you actually buy the newspaper you’ll get to see the lovely full page advert for Yarn Forward on the back page of the supplement.   How exciting!


3 Responses to “The Guardian”

  1. Anna Says:

    Thanks for that reminder – I’m off to buy mine now!

  2. Liz Allen Says:


    Spotted the knitting booklet in the Guardian which I bought ( only have to see the ‘K’ word and i’ll buy it!!!). Then saw ad for your magazine……….straight to the web site. Thank goodness for a decent knitting magazine at last!!! What a good combination of Kerri and Lou!! I buy all the other knitting magazines out of habit but am not inspired by any of them!! Off to subscribe now!! Good luck!! Liz

  3. Jo Says:

    I subscribed to Yarn Forward after seeing that ad! The magazine’s just arrived and I think it’s great.

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