Our survey says…


Well, our survey results are in and counted and organised and I have to say that we are really really pleased both with the level of response we received but also with the comments that were made and that information that we were given.

The areas for improvement that were raised were broadly these :Improve our proof reading, less silly spelling errors and other mistakes, tighten up on the design and look and feel of the magazine and ensure that communication remains as high as it has been this year and that it doesnt drop

We’re really thrilled that we already have solutions in place for the first 2 and that communication has been recognised as being good this year.  That means a lot to us.

Below are some more pieces of information that we obtained from the survey.  We hope that the next time we ask for your comments we are able to do it in a way that allows us to offer prizes to thank you for your time in completing the survey.

Yarn Forward subscriber survey, August 2008

We asked over 700 of our subscribers a set of 10 short questions, no identification was asked for and no incentive was offered to complete the survey.  We received 256 replies which is a 37% response rate, well over the industry average response rate of 26%.

A selection of great comments  :

Best knitting magazine I’ve seen since Vogue knitting in the Eighties.

Fantastic! wish I had subscribed sooner.

Brilliant!  The best knitting magazine available in the UK at the moment, I absolutely love it. 

I love your magazine and wouldn`t want to miss an issue.

Love it.  Yarn Forward is just what the UK has been waiting for all these years.

More detailed results :

71% spend more than 10 hours a week knitting

34% spend more than 3 hours reading each issue of Yarn Forward

76% have been knitting for longer than 15 years!

51% spend between £30 and £100 a month on knitting

35% have an average household income of over £50,000

Average age – between 31 and 40


Our readers are in their 30s, high earners with a good level of disposable income.  Experienced knitters who know what they want and spend a significant amount of time and money on their hobby.  Yarn Forward is seen as a leading magazine for the more experienced knitter, people really appreciate the yarn substitutions, large size range and detail of articles.


4 Responses to “Our survey says…”

  1. carole Says:

    Oh dear – should I cancel the mag, I am too old for it!!!!

  2. Alix Says:

    I missed the survey but would like to make a comment if I may. Your magazine is full of good patterns and ideas, and is refreshingly different to the rest of the UK printed magazines, but you urgently need a good copy editor for both the text and the technical side. Some of the writing itself is poor: a good editor would be able to tidy this up too, but the editing is really poor and it lets an otherwise excellent publication down badly. It looks as though you edit this yourselves: please, please pay a professional to do this, and preferably one who knows about knitting. It’ll really help make you stand out against the dreary background of UK mags. I thought of sending a copy of the magazine to a friend in the US recently, but in the end chose not to because I was ashamed of the unprofessional writing and editing. You’re doing a great job, but you could be doing this so much better.

  3. Jan Says:

    I do love the mag. Really interesting articles and some lovely patterns. My one gripe, I know other people who feel the same, is there seems to be some obsession with shawl patterns. I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time but they seem to be growing with every issue and I hate them!

  4. Sue Thomas Says:

    Please do not make the mistake of only targeting your gorgeous magazine at a readership of those who you think are 30 – 40. I am in my 50s and knit for myself, my daughter and my grandsons. I also love knitting for my home – mainly vintage style. I would ask that you keep your patterns varied and beautiful – to reflect your readership.

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