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One of the very nicest things about being a small company is that we are all very hands on and get involved with everything.  Yarn Forward subscription mailout day is an all hands on deck day with Lou and I sitting down with the rest of the team, stuffing envelopes, printing out letters and packaging up boxes for the postman.  This time we had rather more magazines to send out than usual thanks to our first month on the news shelves.  Mailout day didn’t start too well when the delivery driver was unable to help us carry in 40 boxes of magazines but Lou and I pulled together and worked our muscles.  You can see the boxes are stacked a little precariously here but within no time they were all empty and off to be recycled anyway!

Then it came time to putting the 2,000 magazines in their envelopes which we had already prepared and labelled.  This took us pretty much all day with just a wee break for a KFC junk food fix at lunchtime!  By 3pm they were all ready and collected and should be arriving with UK subscribers and yarnshops any minute now, and on the shelves in newsagents Friday this week.  WH Smiths and Borders placed larger orders than anywhere else this month so if I were you I’d check there first.


3 Responses to “Subscriber magazines”

  1. YarnAddict Says:

    I’m so excited. Can’t wait. Will be stalking the postman for the rest of the week.

  2. sara Says:

    Just to let you knoe WH Smiths in Stourbridge in the West Midlands seem to be putting your magazine in the sewing section. I do rearrange whenever I go in but it always seems to end up back there.

  3. WMK Says:

    *holding hastily written placard which reads “Will work for KFC”*

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