It’s here!


That gentle thwack you’ve been hearing all around the UK and in discerning areas throughout the world? That’s the sound of the latest Yarn Forward hitting the doormats of the knitticenti everywhere.

It's here!

It’s been great to see this one come back from the printers, and really exciting to hear the comments of readers getting their first taste of issue 8. With every issue, we try to make the best knitting magazine we can, and we’re very proud of this one. The cover pattern (by the delightful and talented Claire Montgomerie) is as beautiful in the yarn as it looks on the page: anyone else thinking that a beautifully patterned and stylishly coloured piece of Fair Isle is exactly what they need to keep the chill wind out of their ribs?

There’s more Fair Isle from Yarn Forward fave Liz Lovick. Our colourwork expert offers a frankly gorgeous pattern for a cushion which would make a splendid introduction to standed techniques for anyone spurred on by the informative and entertain article she’s written on the history and practice of the Fair Isle technique. Or if you’re looking for a speedy project, check out the nifty cabled hats that feature on the cover. Bright, lightweight and lovely to look at, they’ll do a champion job of warming your ears as the frosts encroach.

Little things are just what you need with Christmas coming up. Maile Mauch has a sparkling selection of knitty notions that you can make by hand with just a few simple jewellery making techniques. The perfect introduction to a new craft, and you can polish off a few items on the present list while you’re at it.

Perhaps the most fun in this issue (and partly because I got to do it) is the interview with Nicky Epstein. If you’re charmed by her books and her delightful patterns, you really should meet the lady herself: she’s as entertaining and gorgeous as the projects she makes, and in the interview she projects so much of her inspiring attitude to the craft of knitting.

We’ll give you more previews and sneaky peaks in the coming weeks! Right now, we’re deep into preparations for issue 9, but we’re still dying to hear what you think of the new one. Let us know in a comment, by dropping us an email, or leave a comment on the Ravelry group. The more you tell us, the closer we can get to being the magazine we want to be!




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2 Responses to “It’s here!”

  1. Carole Says:

    I absolutely LOVE IT! – best one yet.
    Thank you to all concerned – sorry about your blog, Kerrie, but can understand that some things just have to go in a busy life.

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Cast on for the Classic Car Coat – beautiful pattern. Just rushed out to get the Artesano Aran yarn which is like butter to knit with. Thanks for great patterns (as if I need another WIP!) Love the mag.

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