Hello from the new editor!


What’s on my needles right now…a new sweater design! it’s blurry because I’m knitting so fast — ha ha! I need a new photo, it’s almost done already…

Hello! I’m the new editor of Yarn Forward and in advance of my first print issue, thought I would take the time to say hello on the YF blog. We’ve already had a lovely discussion underway in the YF group on Ravelry (here), and I want to take this chance to let you all know that I really would like to have your feedback and constructive criticism about the magazine as we continue to grow.

You might already know me from my own blog, knitgrrl.com (here’s the post announcing my YF news!), or from my books — Knitgrrl, Knitgrrl 2, Spin to Knit, Felt Frenzy, Crochet Style, Just Socks, Just Gifts, AlterNation, How to Knit in the Woods, The Pillow Book and Alt Fiber. I also recently edited the second edition of Knitting For Dummies, though of course we know that knitters are anything but!

And yes, I do live in the US, but with modern technology being what it is, it’s actually working out beautifully so far — by the time I’m online in the morning, the other YF/KAL Media staffers have gotten through their inboxes and are ready to pass on anything I need to look at that day! There’s only a five hour time difference between the UK and where I live.

Obviously I knit, spin, felt, etc — but I also write quite a bit, and have been working on a new line of fiber arts books that hopefully will now come out next year some time. Right now I’m working on some new sweater patterns, and helping Kerrie with some redesign work on the Yarn Forward website, etc (any suggestions for what you’d like to see would also be appreciated there!) in addition to my editing duties. A big, big thank you is in order to Kerrie, Sarah, Lou and everyone else at KAL for making my first few weeks challenging but fun. (By ‘challenging,’ I of course mean “throwing me into the deep end of the pool right away).

So thanks to them, and thanks to you, because without the readers, where would we be? I look forward to bringing you new, exciting fibery fun in the pages of Yarn Forward in the months and years to come!


One Response to “Hello from the new editor!”

  1. Lou Says:

    Welcome aboard Shannon.

    I don’t think we could have thrown you in any deeper! But you swam straight away. Looking forward to working with you and helping you implement all those exciting ideas. REALLY wish I could talk about them now, but don’t want to spoil the surprise… Watch this space!


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