Woolly Thoughts


All of a sudden it has got all very wintery in Yarn Forward land, and sensible pre-Christmas ideas of getting on with the present knitting have been jettisoned in favour of a sweater in some rib-warming aran wool. Nothing like something cosy and sheepy to snuggle on your lap on a chilly evening. So, what are your favourite cold-weather knits?


Although when I do return to the present knitting, one of the first things I’ll be whipping up is the beautiful little tippet from the latest Yarn Forward: sweet, speedy, very wearable, and (vital, this bit) it will definitely keep the recipient warm of neck in frosty January. Check out the vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, too: a star find in editor Lou’s big tin of fastenings, co-ordinating perfectly with the delicately shaded yarn from The Old Piggery.




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2 Responses to “Woolly Thoughts”

  1. lilymarlene Says:

    Gloves and mittens. Just seem to start when the weather gets cold and carry on until inspiration hits for something else.
    Last night I was inspired to knit a dog snood for my whippet. Her ears get very cold (a problem with the breed, they are chilly beasts) and so I googled and came up with the idea of a snood. There are lots of patterns out there to buy but I just looked at the photos, winged it, and have a very wistful, smug looking whippet now! She’s not sure whether she likes it or not but she loves the attention!

  2. ClaireUK Says:

    I’ve started on hats and scarves for when I am working on the allotment. Aran weight wool knits up very quickly – which is just as well considering the speed of the current cold snap : )

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